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Insomniac Games launches new web-mobile based game division, Insomniac Click

Insomniac Games, a developer that so far has exclusively made console games for the Playstation platforms (including the Ratchet and Clank and Resistance titles) has announced plans to make games for the growing web browser-based market. The new division is called Insomniac Click and as you can see from the division's logo it's clear that the PC will indeed be part of its plans.

On its web site Insomniac Games makes it clear that it will still be making big console game titles (it has a multi-console deal with EA in the works) and that Insomniac Click is an expansion of their game development plans. Concrete details are scarce but it's clear that the division's titles will have a social aspect (a la Facebook games) However the goal of the division's games is for "improving the player experience first and foremost". You can get more info on the plans for Insomniac Click via a new interview at our sister site Joystiq.

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