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BioWare: Dragon Age 2 PC doesn't use SecuROM

Yesterday internet reports claimed that players have discovered that the PC version of BioWare's just released fantasy RPG Dragon Age 2 used SecuROM for its DRM set up, something which BioWare has denied it would put into the game in the past. The claims first game from a site. Reclaim Your Game, that currently is not online.

Now a BioWare rep has posted word on the game's official message boards that Dragon Age 2 still doesn't use SecuROM. He states, "We use a release control product which is made by the same team, but is a completely different product." He adds, "As we've said before it simply does a check of the date against an online server when you run the game. If the street date has passed, it allows you to play and removes itself. We use this and only this, and not the Securom DRM." While the program may leave some files in a PC's temp folder he states that players "... can simply delete them manually - sometimes you just can't remove everything as files may be in use as part of the removal step of the program itself (something is running to do the removal). "

[Via Blue's News]

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