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League of Legends launches co-op vs AI mode; new Champion revealed

league of legends
As promised last January, the free-to-play multiplayer action-RTS game League of Legends has now launched a new gameplay mode that allows online players to team up against AI bots. The game's official message board have posted a new FAQ that goes into more detail about this new gameplay mode which is designed to help new players get accustomed to online matches against real opponents along with experienced players who want to test out new champions.

Speaking of new champions, PC Gamer's web site has some info about the next major Champion that will be added to League of Legends, the Nocturne. This new bruiser has a lot of interesting abilities including being able to reduce a player's line of sight while also taking away the ability to see his or her allies. You can check out a trailer showing how Nocturne's look was designed after the jump:


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