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Star Wars The Old Republic gets a jump on player-run guilds

star wars the old republic
Star Wars The Old Republic isn't due for release until at least late 2011 but in an unusual move developer BioWare is letting fans go ahead and start the process of organizing their official player guilds for the highly anticipated MMO. The game's official web site has launched a page that allows players to either find a guild with members that would be a good match or start one of their own.

In the first phase of this process, player guilds are formed and can establish their own mini-site with public and private forms. The upcoming second phase will allow guilds to select other guilds to play with in the final game. Finally the third phase will have BioWare move the guild into the game servers. Also, guild creation and administration features will be moved into the game during that phase. So if you had your heart set on creating a Star Wars The Old Republic guild that has members that also love The Golden Girls, here's your chance.


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