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Blizzard's next MMO game is already playable, says company COO

Blizzard's next major game announcement will likely be the reveal of its next MMO title. But the developer behind the biggest subscriber-based MMO game of all time, World of Warcraft, is still keeping details about the game close to the vest. However a new chat with Blizzard's COO Paul Sams at Gamasutra does give a couple of very general hints.

Sams admits that its next MMO game is " ... the most ambitious thing we've ever attempted." He added, "We're playing it already. It is a total ball to play. We think that the reach of that product is greater than anything that we've done before." However he also believes that World of Warcraft will still have a long life after the new MMO is released, saying, "I see World of Warcraft as having many more years in front of it."

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