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Fifth Resident Evil movie gets September 14, 2012 release date

resident evil 5 movie
The Resident Evil movies have never been huge box office hits but the modest budgets of the films based on Capcom's zombie action games have always made the movies profitable. Now Box Office Mojo has posted word that Sony's genre film label Screen Gems has already announced that the fifth Resident Evil movie will be heading to theaters on September 14, 2012.

Last year's release of the fourth film, Resident Evil Afterlife, did just OK here in the US with about $60 million generated at the box office. However the movie, the first to be shot and shown in 3D, did extremely well overseas with over $236 million in box office returns. It's currently unknown if the star of the first four Resident Evil movies, the always armed Milla Jovovich, will return for the fifth installment.


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