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Dragon Age 2 DirectX 11 graphical features revealed

dragon age 2
When developer BioWare released the original Dragon Age back in November 2009, graphics cards with DirectX 11 features had just started being released by AMD. With next week's release of the RPG sequel Dragon Age 2, PC gamers with DirectX 11-supported PC gaming rigs will be able to pump up the volume on the game's graphical looks.

In a new entry on the official BioWare blog, team member Andreas Papathanasis writes more about how gaming rigs with DirectX 11 support will be able to, for example, have better lighting features. He states that supported graphics cards will allow for "hundreds of dynamic lights" for spell effects in the game. DirectX 11 tessellation features will "smooth out silhouette terrain edges that can occasionally look sharp on DirectX 9." Finally Dragon Age 2 will use DirectX 11's diffusion depth of field effect to "blur objects very close to the camera, as well as put objects in the distance slightly out of focus."

[Via Blue's News]


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