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Contest: Get a Dino D-Day multiplayer beta key from Big Download

The long awaited commercial version of the Half-Life 2 mod Dino D-Day is set for release on March 29 but some lucky readers of Big Download will get a chance to play a portion of the game early. We have 100 Steam keys for the just launched beta version of the game that will pit US soldiers against Nazi-created dinosaurs in WWII. You can get more info on the game at the official Dino D-Day web site.

Getting a beta key from us is simple. Just email us at contests@bigdownload.com with the subject line, "Dino D-Day Beta". We will give out the keys until we run out. If you are lucky enough to receive one you will have to have the Steam client and account to plug in the beta key. Once that's done the Steam client will download the beta and you should be all set. You can also head to the official Dino D-Day Steam community site for more info.

Our thanks to Dino D-Day's development team at 800 North for the beta keys. Good luck.

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