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Interstellar Marines offers fans chance to obtain shares in game's developer

Interstellar Marines has been kicking around for a while now as the development team at Zero Point Software contiunue to make progress on its upcoming sci-fi first person shooter. It's also been allowing fans to purchase "support medals" at $5 per "medal" to help support the development of the game.

Now the game's official web site has posted word that one of the co-founders and majority sharehold of Zero Point Software, Gert Haar-Jørgensen, has announced that he will trade some of his shares in the developer to people who currently own a large number of support medals for Interstellar Marines. The deal (which he stresses is his own personal activity and is not directly connected to the company or the game) is that if a fan owns over 20 support medals, "I will personally transfer 10 of my ZPH shares for every 10 additional Support Medals owned."

Why is he doing this? Haar-Jorgensen states, "In the end I would rather share the potential upside, with the ones that truly matter; You - the IM community - than selling big chunks to "suits" that do not share our passion for games!." This particular deal will end on May 31. Obviously this kind of a deal is going into unknown territory for some so make sure you read the details before making a decision.

[Via Blue's News]

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