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North American Star League announced; $400,000 at stake for three StarCraft II pro gaming seasons

Pro PC gaming has never taken off in the US as it has in other countries, particularly South Korea. However the group that's organizing the North American Star League wants to change that. This week it was announced that the newly formed league will be bringing in 50 top pro players of Blizzard's hit RTS game StarCraft II to compete in three seasons for a total prize pool of $400,000 ($100,000 will be the prize pool for the first two seasons with the final season to have $200,000 to be won).

G4TV.com has more info on the North American Star League via a chat with Geoff "EG.iNcontroL" Robinson. Matches will begin online on April 5 and the top 16 will compete in a LAN tournament to be held in Los Angeles in July. The matches will be streamed from the group's official web site with both free and premium (i.e. paid) versions available. It should be interesting to see what the reaction will be from the US audience.

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