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Bulletstorm getting Gun Sonata map pack later this spring for PC

Bulletstorm officially comes out for the PC and other platforms today but the first person shooter's co-developers People Can Fly and Epic Games already have plans to offer up some additional content to the game in the near future. Today Bulletstorm's publisher Electronic Arts announced plans to release the downloadable Gun Sonata map pack sometime later this spring. While the press release that announced the pack didn't mention a PC version Big Download confirmed with EA's PR rep that it would be made available for PC players as well.

The map pack will cost $9.99 and will add five new maps to Bulletstorm. Three of them will be for the game's four player co-op themed Anarchy mode while the other two maps (Crash Site and Guns of Stygia) will be for the game's single player (with online leaderboards) Echo mode. The Gun Sonata map pack will also add two "enhancements" (the Flamingo and the Pulp) for the player's Leash weapon.

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