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Exclusive: Dino D-Day release date changed to March 29; beta starts March 1

Last fall it was announced that Dino D-Day, the Source Engine-based multiplayer shooter of Nazi-bred dinosaurs battling the Allies in WWII, would be released via Steam on March 1. As happens with most games the development team at 800 North has decided to take its time to make the game a better experience. As a result, Big Download can exclusively reveal that the the release date for the final commercial version of Dino D-Day has been pushed back a few weeks and is now scheduled for release on March 29.

The good news is that there will be a beta version of Dino D-Day that will be released on March 1. The beta will have all of the human character classes, all of the weapons and all of the dinosaurs in the full game but will only have one map and gameplay mode, according to what 800 North's Abe Scheuermann told Big Download today. The beta version be limited to 1,000 people so keep an eye out on the game's official web site for sign ups. The final version will add more maps and gameplay modes and players can expect free content updates for Dino D-Day after its commercial release. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

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