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Update on PC Gaming Alliance and departures of Microsoft and Nvidia

Big Download has been contacted by PC Gaming Alliance president Matt Ployhar who has confirmed that two of the organization's founding members, Microsoft and Nvidia, have indeed left the non-profit organization. Ployhar would not comment on why the two companies have left the PCGA, saying that he would prefer both Microsoft and Nvidia to communication their reasons directly to us. At the time of this post, neither company has provided Big Download with an official reason for leaving the organization that both helped to form in 2008.

Ployhar told Big Download in a brief phone interview that he doesn't feel that the departures will affect the PCGA, He also told us that he is moving the organization away from just being a group that does research and issues reports on the industry to a group that will be more active in trying to assist game developers, publishers and hardware companies make better PC games. In a post on Ployhar's Intel blog, he states, "Another key thing we'll be doing is creating a more technical based advisory board that you'll all be hearing more about very soon. We're doing this to flesh out the PCGA's technical expertise while simultaneously addressing perceived gaps in membership."


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