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The Walking Dead game coming in late 2011

The Walking Dead started as a hit comic book and later became a surprise TV series success in late 2010. But will the zombie-filled drama become a hit in the game industry? We will find out in the fourth quarter of 2011. IGN reports that's when the first episode of Telltale Games' adaptation will be released. Specific game platforms have not been announced yet but the PC is a safe bet considering Telltale's history with the platform. Telltale has also released a teaser image for the game which you can see above.

IGN chats with The Walking Dead's writer and co-creator Robert Kirkman about the game announcement. Unfortunately info on the game remains scarce. Kirkman does confirm that the game will be set in the comic book's universe rather than the AMC TV show. As far as what kind of game it will be like, Kirkman would only say, "The game is at an early stage, and we're in the process of mapping this all out now."


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