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BioShock 2 Protector Trials PC mistakenly released (but it doesn't work)

BioShock 2's PC players have been waiting (and waiting) for publisher 2K Games to fullfill its promise of releasing the remaining DLC content for the 2010 first person shooter. Now it looks like some players downloaded the game's Protector Trial DLC ahead of its official release.

According to forum posts on the BioShock 2 message boards, the DLC appeared in the Games For Windows Marketplace, priced at $5.75. However while some players have purchased and downloaded the DLC, no one has been able to actually play it, suggesting that the game itself needs a patch in order to access the content. 2K Games' community manager has confirmed that the DLC wasn't supposed to be out yet, saying, " ... wait till my word before you go grab it - it's not ready yet."


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