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Magicka "surprise" coming for GDC 2011

Magicka has become a bit of a sleeper hit for publisher Paradox Interactive. The humorous fantasy action-RPG from developer Arrowhead Game Studios sold over 150,000 downloadable copies in its first 10 days. Now comes word that at GDC 2011 in March there's a "surprise" coming that's related to Magicka.

Paradox's GDC 2011 press release would only say that the surprise "is not what you think it is." Some have speculated that Magicka could get a console downloadable version while there are rumors of a PC expansion pack in the works. Paradox will also be showing some upcoming games that were first announced last month at its big press event including Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword, Pirates of Black Cove, Defenders of Ardania and Supreme Ruler: Cold War.

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