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Kings and Castles currently "on hold", says Gas Powered Games CEO

Kings and Castles, the fantasy RTS game that was supposed to be the next project for developer Gas Powered Games, is now on hold, according to an email from Gas Powered's founder and CEO Chris Taylor to Big Download. When we emailed Taylor today asking for an update about the game he replied, "Well... We've put the project on hold for now, but the moment I know more I will let you know..." When we asked for more info he remained vague, telling us, "I can't go into those details just yet... let's call it a 'timing' thing..."

Gas Powered Games first announced Kings and Castles nearly a year ago and the developer did something unusual in order to promote it; it produced a weekly series of video blogs showing the team working on the game during its pre-production stage along with a big heap of comedy as well. In early October, the final video blog was issued with Taylor on camera saying that the videos would be taking a break while Kings and Castles moved into full production.


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