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Painkiller Redemption announced with "over 6000 enemies"

While publisher JoWood is dealing with some financial problems it's still planning to release some games. Today JoWood announced the latest game in the Painkiller first person shooter franchise. It's called Painkiller Redemption and it's apparently a way for the company to release a stand alone game that started out as a third party mod before JoWood decided to come in and turn the mod into a commercial game.

The game is due out via download in February and features the hero of the first game Daniel Garner teaming up with the half angel-half demo Belial (the lead of the second stand alone game Painkiller Overdose) as they join forces to stop the endless battles between heaven and hell. The game will allow players to control both characters over six large maps, each with over 1000 enemies to blow up with a variety of weapons. There's no word yet on the game's price point.


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