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Minecraft meets Amnesia The Dark Descent in video

What do you get when you combine an acclaimed sandbox indie game with an equally acclaimed indie first person horror adventure title? You get a YouTube video that shows the efforts of a person who has recreated part of Frictional Games' Amnesia The Dark Descent in Minecraft, that's what.

The creator of this indie crossover, "GamerDuality", narrates the video and describes some of the decisions he made in making the recreation of the first couple of rooms in Amnesia. He admits some of the level's failings (he could have used a third party texture pack, for example, to better replicate the game's art style) but overall it looks pretty good.

So what other Minecraft game crossovers can we expect? Quite frankly we are surprised that someone hasn't done Doom in Minecraft or at least we haven't heard of one yet.


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