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Alien Fear revealed

We've been reporting that Poland-based City Interactive has at least three, possibly four, first person shooter projects in the works for the next couple of years. One of them is a WWII themed shooter and another is a sequel to its 2010 release Sniper: Ghost Warrior, both of which will use CryEngine 3 as its basis. Now a discovery that was actually first posted way back in August has revealed the title and genre for City Interactive's third upcoming shooter.

A news post on the official web site for developer The Farm 51 reveals they have signed with City Interactive to make a sci-fi themed shooter called Alien Fear for the PC and other platforms. This is most likely the game that City Interactive said will use Unreal Engine 3 as its basis back in December. The Farm 51 is best known for the two games in the Necrovision shooter series. The developer also helped out with the recent fantasy RPG Two Worlds II which will be released in the US for the PC on February 8.


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