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Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo to be released after all

We admittedly have been giving Electronic Arts the business recently for their seemingly lack of support for the PC platform when it came to demos and downloadable content for its most recent multi-platform games. Thankfully it looks like there will be an exception to this pattern. PC owners will in fact be able to play a pre-release multiplayer demo for developer Crytek's upcoming shooter Crysis 2.

While a multiplayer demo for the game was released for the Xbox 360 earlier this week neither EA nor Crytek at the time announced plans to release a PC demo. Late on Thursday, however, the official Crysis Twitter page stated the good news: "At this time, Crytek & EA are glad to confirm that we'll be releasing a pre-launch Crysis 2 multiplayer demo on PC! Stay tuned for details." Meanwhile the full game is still due to be released on March 22.

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