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Why has EA bought the domain CampaignforPCGaming.com?

Electronic Arts has a somewhat mixed record when it comes to PC gaming. On the one hand it has released a number of well known exclusive PC game titles such as The Sims, Spore, and others. It's also releasing C free-to-play games like Battlefield Heroes and the upcoming Battlefield Play4Free game. On the other hand it tends to treat the PC like a second class game platform when it releases a multiplatform game. The perfect example is EA now offering a PC demo for games like Dead Space 2, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and Bulletstorm when all three games have demos for the console versions.

Now comes word that EA has bought the web site domain CampaignforPCGaming.com. The domain, which was bought by the company in December 2010, seems like a very specific choice. Is EA going to use it as an example of how much support it has given PC gaming? If so how does the non-profit group the PC Gaming Alliance, which EA is not a member of, feel about that? We have emailed EA to find out why they have purchased the domain but so far we have yet to receive a response.

[Via PC Gamer]

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