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More info from Paradox Interactive's press event

Our pal Andrew Yoon of our sister site Joystiq went over to the Paradox Convention press event in New York City today and gave us some more info on what publisher Paradox Interactive had to say today (thanks Andrew):
  • Paradox's CEO Fredrik Wester told the crowd that in 2010 the publisher generated 45 percent more revenue than in 2009 and has generated a whopping 1,000 percent more revenue compared to 2003, nearly all of it from PC game releases (specific financial numbers were not disclosed; Paradox is a privately owned company).
  • Paradox formed the GamersGate PC game download service in 2006 and later spun it off into its own separate company. Paradox now gets 70 percent of its game sales via digital download services GamersGate's revenue in 2010 came in 45 percent higher and its profits are up 300 percent (again no specific numbers were revealed).
  • Magicka, the humor-filled fantasy action-RPG from developer Arrowhead Game Studios, is close to being released and in fact could be out as early as next week.
  • Cites in Motion, the transport sim game from developer Colossal Order, should also be out soon as well, according to Paradox.


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