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World of StarCraft mod author offered interview by Riot Games

The person in charge of a mod that would have turned StarCraft II into an MMO game may just become a pro game developer after all. After Blizzard put a copyright notice on his World of StarCraft trailer (most likely due to the name and not the content of the mod) Ryan Winzen has now got an offer to an interview for Riot Games, the makers of the free-to-play action-RTS game League of Legends.

All of this came about because Ryan really, really wanted to get into the game development business and felt that making an MMO out of Blizzard's sci-fi RTS game was the way to do it. As Pixelated Geek reports, he's happy that this opportunity has come this way, saying, " ... I've waited my whole life for something like this."

[Via Blue's News]

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