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Dead Space 2 TV commercial shows moms hate it

Dead Space 2 is going to be very, very violent and gory. Most of you reading this know that the upcoming sequel to 2009's sci-fi survival horror games is not going to be for kids. As it turns out, publisher Electronic Arts wants to show that it is very aware of this fact by showing footage of the game to typical non-gaming moms.

At least we think that's what these moms are watching in a new TV commercial that popped up this weekend for the game. We don't actually see what they are seeing; we just see their reactions and hear their comments which, as you might imagine, are not complementary. EA is using this to basically say, "Hey, your mom won't like it which means it's going to be awesome!" This idea could backfire, however, if some mainstream news reporter makes an issue of perhaps having this "M" rated game appeal to kids via this TV spot.

[Via Destructoid]


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