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Star Wars The Old Republic web site goes over starship creation

There hasn't been a lot to talk about lately in terms of new info for Star Wars The Old Republic but the official web site for BioWare's long awaited MMO still has new updates every Friday. This week the site talks about how the development team handles the design of player starships for the game.

The idea of players owning their own starship in the game was first revealed in the summer of 2010 and the feature goes over how one of the ships in the game, the X-70B Phantom. came about. The ship, which is meant for the Agent class, has influences like the Naboo starships in the Star Ware prequel movies but the team also "wanted to evoke the feel of something that a certain British spy might drive. " The article goes over how both the exterior and interior of the Phantom were designed and created.


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