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GoG.com's web site is wacky again [Update]

GoG.com is up to its old tricks again. Last year the DRM-free PC game download site make it look like it was shutting down forever for a few days before revealing it's new redesign and the addition of Baldur's Gate to its library. Now the site, as you can see, has been made to look like someone has hacked it and that "the police" have arrived.

Thankfully you can still purchase games on the site (just go to the Game Catalogue web page) but its clear that something major is up. The GoG.com Twitter site states, "Something's happening on GOG.com. Very official. Anyone caught violating the police line will be shot on sight." Ok.

Update: The web site is now back to normal with word now that whatever the big announcement is will be revealed on January 18.

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