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Civilization Network for Facebook becomes Civilization World; closed alpha starts on Jan. 12

It's been a long, long time since we have heard anything about the status of the Facebook strategy game Civilization Network, a game that was first announced back in October 2009. Today the game's designer and "game god" Sid Meier broke his long silence with a new post on the game's Facebook page. The note announced a title change for the game to Civilization World (or Civ World if you prefer). Meier states that the name change "reflects the main theme of the game"

More importantly Meier states that the closed alpha testing for the game will begin on January 12. Folks can go ahead and sign up to be a part of the alpha test right now. The catch is that for this phase the development team at Firaxis Games want teams of players of between five to 50 people to sign up rather than as individuals (single players can still play the game when it officially launches). Meier states, " ... to win in Civ World, you'll need to collaborate with your friends in order to do well in the game and become ruler of the world, so in our early Alpha testing, we're grouping people together to simulate how the game will work when it's available to the world at large." People who are picked to be in the alpha test will get "a special item that you can proudly display in your throne room."


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