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Lord of the Rings Battle For Middle Earth PC online game servers shut down

Remember when Electronic Arts had the rights to make games based on the Lord of the Rings franchise? We do. In fact it wasn't even that long ago that EA's Los Angeles RTS team made the first Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth game. The title was released for the PC in December 2004. In March 2006 a sequel was released and an expansion for the sequel, The Rise of the Witch King, was released in November 2006.

However EA no longer has the rights to publish Lord of the Rings games and just a few days ago on December 31 the online servers for all of the Battle for Middle Earth games were shut down. If you own the Xbox 360 version of Battle For Middle Earth II and Rise of the Witch-King you still have a few more days to play online; those servers will shut down on January 11.

EA also has a big list of other online server shut downs coming in the near future. On January 16, the Sims Carnival web site at thesimscarnival.com won't be available anymore. On Feburary 8 the online servers for the PC versions of FIFA 09 and FIFA Manager 10 will be shut down. EA states that these games and the many console game titles that it will also shut down represent just 1 percent of all online players on EA's online servers.

[Via VG247.com]

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