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Exclusive: Mytheon to relaunch closed beta test in late January

We've been following the development of UTV True Games' upcoming free-to-play fantasy multiplayer action-RPG Mytheon ever since the game was first announced back in December 2008. Indeed we posted up the first interview about the game the day of it's official reveal. The game was originally developed by Petroglyph and in 2010 it seemed to be getting close to its official launch. In February the game went into its closed beta phase and in April it started its open beta test.

And that's when things got ... interesting. In May 2010 UTV True Games filed a lawsuit against Petroglyph claiming that the developer was holding the source code to the game "hostage". A few weeks later everything seemed to be OK again as the two companies announced that their legal issues had been resolved and that Mytheon would officially launch on July 13. But that wasn't the end of it as it was later revealed that the launch date for the game was pushed back indefinitely. In the end both companies admitted in the summer of 2010 that Petroglyph was no longer involved in the development of Mytheon.

The open beta for the game was shut down in September as UTV True Games announced that the development of Mytheon was now under their own internal development team. Tonight, Big Download can exclusively reveal that Mytheon, under the company's Beijing studio, will restart its closed beta test by the end of January.

The press release, which you can check out after the jump, has more details about the relaunch of Mytheon including word that previous beta testers of the game will be contacted soon via email. Those users will be able to use their old beta accounts in the new closed beta test and will also get "exclusive keys and in-game rewards in the coming weeks" before the beta test begins. The press release does not indicate when Mytheon will officially launch. Big Download also has the first screenshots from the new version of Mytheon which you can check out in the gallery below this post.


The Texas-Based Online Game Developer And Publisher Is Now Internally Developing The Highly Anticipated Online Multiplayer Action/RPG and Sets a New Closed Beta Date For North America

Austin, TEXAS--UTV True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games, today announced that the it has taken the development of Mytheon to its internal studio in Beijing and has been integrating changes and players feedback from its Beta test late last year to the game. The company will begin Closed Beta in late January 2011.

"Moving the development of Mytheon to our internal studio is a very positive move for the game because we have total creative control over the title and we can tailor Mytheon's content to the preferences and needs of the community that has already grown around it," said Jeff Lujan, CEO of UTV True Games.

Some of the core areas the UTV True Games development team is currently focusing on in the development of Mytheon include: balance and overall usefulness of all stones and stone types in the game, improving server performance, and camera controls, as well as improving guild functionality. During the upcoming beta, UTV True Games will gather valuable feedback for new features, ideas and more from its Closed Beta community and integrate these changes post-launch based on community preferences.

"First and foremost we are committed to improving the overall user experience for Mytheon," said UTV True Games' Director of Product Development, Peter Cesario. "We received great feedback from our beta testers regarding certain issues they were experiencing and optimizing these areas is our top goal as we head towards our official launch."

To reward loyal Beta testers from the previous Beta period, UTV True Games wants them to be among the first to experience the upcoming beta. The company will contact previous beta testers via email with exclusive keys and in-game rewards in the coming weeks leading up to Closed Beta period so these players can use their previously created accounts to have a first look at the improvements that have been made to the game.

Mytheon is an online, multiplayer Action/RPG with strategic game play where players experience classic mythology come to life and challenge legendary gods to define their own fate. Players, or "Stonecasters," have been given the power to defeat the gods by combining and casting magical stones in a battle to determine the destiny of humanity. Mytheon features an assortment of classes and characters that allow players to approach combat in a unique style that fits their gaming preference.

For additional details on Mytheon please visit: http://www.MytheonGame.com To follow all the latest news, please visithttp://www.facebook.com/mytheon, http://twitter.com/mytheongame and http://www.youtube.com/group/mytheon

About UTV True Games Interactive

Based in Austin, Texas, UTV True Games is an international multi-player online game developer and publisher founded by a core team of MMO industry veterans with extensive experience in publishing and operating online games. UTV True Games brings new and innovative development ideas online, delivers them with a state-of-the-art game platform, and leverages micro-transaction revenue models. UTV True Games offers such titles as Warrior Epic, Mytheon, Faxion, Planet Crashers, and Sky Legends. For more information on each product, visit www.utvtruegames.com.

They are working with world-class publishers to license existing online titles and world-class developers to create games exclusively for online play. The company has multiple titles in development at its wholly-owned development studios based in Austin, Texas and Beijing, China.

UTV Software Communications Ltd (UTV), India's first integrated global media and entertainment company, holds a strategic stake in UTV True Games.

About UTV Software Communications

UTV Software Communications Limited is India's leading global integrated media house with business interests in Television, Movies, Broadcasting, Games Content and New Media. UTV India & its subsidiaries (UTV) create, aggregate and disseminate content of various genres across varied distribution platforms. Listed on India's premier stock exchange, The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai UTV is India's only diversified media and Entertainment Company with content creation abilities across platforms and genres. It has subsidiaries with offices across India, UK, USA and Japan. The Walt Disney Company holds a strategic stake in UTV.

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