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Paradox to announce new games at this month's Paradox Convention press event

Paradox Interactive is starting the new year right with the PC strategy publisher's annual press event, which it calls the Paradox Convention. The event will be held later in January in New York City and will give the invited media reps a chance to check out upcoming games such as Crusader Kings II, Sword of the Stars II and many more.

In addition, Paradox plans to announce a number of all new games at the Paradox Convention. At the moment the games are under code names like Project "Spring Break," Project "Ice Man," Project "Orange," Project "Penny," Project "Tatanka," Project "Mayflower" and Project "Doom". While the event is closed to the public Paradox is also running a contest where one person will be flown out to NYC to attend Paradox Convention and cover the event for the company's official message boards.


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