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Feature: The Code Black PC Games For 2011- Part 1

There are PC games on the immediate horizon that are close to being released. Then there are games that have been officially announced but will take years to find their way to our hard drive (BioShock Infinite is due out in 2012, for example) And then there are the games that are completely under the radar. These are titles that developers are working on very hard but haven't been officially announced or in some cases even admitted as being in production.

Big Download has covered these games over the years. In the past we have called them "Black Ops" games but since Call of Duty Black Ops has become so well known we didn't want to confuse you when we decided to do our yearly look at these games. So from now on we are calling these super-secret titles "Code Black" games.

The last time we did an article like this
we mentioned several games that have since been fully revealed such as BioShock Infinite, FireFall, Bulletstorm and others. But there are still tons of games that we know are currently being made that haven't seen the light of the public eye yet? Which titles are we talking about? Check out the first part of our current list of Code Black games for yourself.
Slipgate Ironworks's MMO project - If you have followed our previous feature articles on this topic you know that you have seen this game mentioned more than once. Founded by former id Software designer John Romero several years ago and then bought by Gazillion Entertainment, this developer has been working on some kind of MMO game all this time. And no one seems to know what it is except for the people who are working on it. There's also still no word on when we will learn more about this game. Will 2011 be the year for the Slipgate to finally open?
TimeGate's MMO game - Even though the developer is working hard to release its own self-published shooter title Section 8: Prejudice in early 2011, the studio is also working on an MMO game project that been under development for a long time. All we know about the game is that it is using the Vision Engine for its graphics base, and, well, that's about it for now. We tried to find out more about the game in a recent interview with Timegate but we got no joy on that score. Hopefully after the new Section 8 game is released we will learn more about this long-in-development project.
Gearbox Software's unannounced games - The Plano, Texas based studio is already plenty busy with trying to finish off Duke Nukem Forever and we also know they have Aliens Colonial Marines waiting in the wings. But Gearbox's own web site even admits that it has two more unannounced game projects. One of them has a quote from Gearbox head man Randy Pitchford who hints that it's going to be major. How major?,"It's like, 'look-at-our-line-up-and-imagine-something-even-bigger' kind of big' ". We will take Randy's word for it. So what could these games be? One good guess is a sequel to Borderlands which became a surprise sales hit in 2009. The other one? We have no idea.
Carbine Studios' MMO game - This Northern California based game development studio happens to be owned by NCsoft, the publisher of titles like Lineage, City of Heroes and of course Guild Wars and the upcoming Guild Wars 2. Yet the publisher has been near silent about what game is being made at Carbine Studios. Indeed the studio's official web site hasn't had a news update since July 2010. Ouch. The site does have some artwork that would seem to suggest that the game has a fantasy setting but that's almost a shot in the dark guess. Hopefully 2011 will be the year NCsoft lets the cat out of Carbine Studios' bag.
Blizzard's unannounced games - Out of all the games we will list in these articles, none of them are as highly anticipated as the next MMO project from Blizzard. The folks behind the biggest single subscription-based MMO, World of Warcraft, have been working for the past few years on its second MMO game but we won't be learning anything about it, at least officially, from Blizzard for some time. Indeed at BlizzCon a Blizzard exec said that the game won't even be officially announced until at least 2012.

In addition to the MMO game, Blizzard's job web site indicates that it is also hiring for another unannounced game project. What could that be? All we can glean from the job listings is that its for a "multiplayer online" game. So its not an MMO and it doesn't seem like it will have a single player campaign. So what could it be? We have a feeling we won't know the answer for a long time.
ZeniMax Online Studios' MMO title - Formed several years ago, this studio is owned by Bethesda Softworks' parent company ZeniMax Media. There's been a lot of of speculation on what the studio has been working on for all of this time with some saying it's a game based on Bethesda's long running Elder Scrolls' fantasy RPG game series. At the moment the studio is as closed lipped as ever although it is hiring for a PR manager. Perhaps that's a sign that the company is getting closer to a formal reveal of its long-in-development game.
Ironclad Studios' next game - Released in early 2008, the space strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire became a sleeper hit for small PC game developer Ironclad Studios. The studio released two small downloadable expansion packs for the game but the last one was released in early 2009. The studio has been totally silent on what it plans to release next. Some have made the easy guess that the studio's second game will be a Sins sequel while others have said it will be something completely new. At the moment no one is saying anything on the record about the next Ironclad game title.

We still have a lot of Code Black games to report on. Join us tomorrow for the second part of our feature as we look under the curtain and see what super secret games we can dig up.

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