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Feature: 2011 Console Games We Want To See On The PC

While 2011 already has a full slate of PC games schedule for release in the next year there are also a number of console exclusive titles that we think PC gamers would embrace as well. In fact some console exclusive titles for 2011 were originally announced as coming for the PC as well but apparently the publishers have changed their minds.

So which games for consoles would be worthy of showing up for the PC this year? We've picked 10 of them, ranging from first person shooter to third person action games to a couple of fighting titles. We also give our opinions on whether or not these games might actually show up on the PC one day.
Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Capcom's latest fighting game bring a ton of classic characters from various Capcom games against a boatload of super heroes from the Marvel Universe

Will it be ported to the PC? - It's possible. Capcom got a lot of praise for bringing Street Fighter IV to the PC platform and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 uses the same graphics engine as Street Fighter IV. Plus having Marvel heroes in the mix would certainly give the game more appeal for PC players.
Gears of War 3 - Epic Games' third game in its mega selling Xbox 360 third person shooter franchise is due for release this fall, chainsaws and all.

Will it be ported to the PC?
- After the sales failure of the original Gears of War on the PC, Epic decided not to port the second game in the series on our platform. On the other hand, publisher Microsoft is trying to release more PC titles after several years off and a Gears of War 3 PC port would seem to be a perfect way to accomplish this.
Mortal Kombat - The former Midway fighting game franchise has a new publishing home at Warner Bros Interactive as the series gets back to its ultra-violent roots.

Will it be ported to the PC? - There hasn't been a Mortal Kombat game for our platform since the fourth game in the series was ported to the PC way back in 1998. However the series' co-creator Ed Boon did say in an interview back in August that the team was "considering" a PC version. We have our fingers, and our finishing moves, crossed.
LA Noire - This open world crime action game, set in Los Angeles during the 1940s, has been in development for years at Team Bondi but it looks like it will finally be released this year via publisher Rockstar Games.

Will it be ported to the PC
? - Rockstar tends to release PC ports of nearly all of its console games at some point although sometimes it takes as much as two years for that to happen. So put a LA Noire PC version in the "possibly one day" category.
Shadows of the Damned - Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture is making this game for publisher Electronic Arts and is described as a stylish horror-themed shooter.

Will it be ported to the PC? - Before its full reveal, EA said that the game would in fact be made for the PC as well as consoles. However when Shadows of the Damned got its official announcement a PC port reference was not to be found. We are filing this one in the "possible but unlikely" desk.

Mindjack - Square Enix's near future third person shooter is due to be released on January 18 for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It also involved mind control and letting folks enter the single player campaign of a player, mixing single and multiplayer modes.

Will it be ported to the PC
? - Square Enix isn't above releasing a PC port of a console game (Front Mission Evolved is an example) but in this case it may be too late to make that move for the publisher. Too bad. This would be a perfect game for a PC audience.
Killzone 3 - It's the third game in developer Guerrilla Games' PS3 exclusive sci-fi shooter series as mankind once again goes up against the brutal alien Helghast.

Will it be ported to the PC? - It would be cool but since it's a PS3 exclusive its about as likely to happen as a Halo game showing up on Sony's console.
Twisted Metal - The PC hasn't really had a good car combat-based game in a while and the revival of this classic series for the PS3 looks like it would be a lot of fun to play on our platform.

Will it be ported to the PC? - Again, this is a PS3 exclusive so don't hold your breath for Sweet Tooth showing up on your hard drive. In the meantime our wait for a good car combat game for our platform continues.
Metal Gear Solid Rising - Konami's next game in this third person action game series will star not Solid Snake but one of the series' most controversial supporting characters, Raiden.

Will it be ported to the PC? - Like Shadows of the Damned, Konami actually announced a PC port of Metal Gear Solid Rising when the game was first revealed back in June 2009. Since then, however, Konami has backed away from confirming plans for a PC port. In other words, it's looking unlikely at this point that Raiden will be on your LED monitor anytime soon.
Uncharted 3 - Developer Naughty Dog's first two games in this PS3 exclusive series were among the best games released in the last decade, no matter what platform it showed up on. The third game has already generated a ton of buzz.

Will it be ported to the PC? - Since the first two games didn't make it to our hard drive and since it's a PS3 exclusive title Uncharted 3 looks like it's sticking to the PS3 console. And yes, Nathan Fillion should play Nather Drake in the movie. So there.

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