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Report: Korean college student dies after 12 hours playing "online shooting game"

South Korea is known in the gaming industry for its massive amount of PC internet parlors where PC gamers tend to spend hours of their time playing. Now a report from the Korean Times web site states that a college student from the country's city of Ulsan has died this week after a 12 hour marathon playing an "online shooting game" (the game itself is not named).

The report is sketchy but states that the 19 year old student went to an internet parlor (known in Korea as a "PC bang") to start playing at 2 am on Monday. He took a brief break to go home to eat at 10:30 am before returning to the parlor to play some more. On Monday afternoon the student "
suddenly fell to the ground". He was then taken to the hospital where the report states that the student, who is named only as Moon in the story, was declared dead upon arrival. There is still no word on what exactly caused his death.

[Via Kotaku]

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