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Rift Collector's Edition and pre-order items announced

Trion World's long-in-development fantasy MMO Rift is getting closer to its release and today the developer announced plans for a Collector's Edition of the game. In addition to the game itself the Collector's Edition will include three exclusive in-game items (the Ancient Tartagon Mount, the Collector's Satchel and the Bogling Wastrel). The Collector's Edition will also have extra items in the retail box; an 8 GB Flash drive with the Rift logo, the game's official soundtrack, a SteelSeries-made mouse pad and a hardcover collection of the recent Rift comic book mini-series The Telera Chronicles.

People who pre-order either the regular or Collector's Editions of the game can choose to get one of three in-game pets (Cockatrice Chick, Deep One Spawnling or Hellhound Pup) In addition, a number of retailers like Amazon.com, Best Buy, Steam, GameStop and Direct2Drive.are each offering their own extra in-game enhancement. You can check out the full list after the jump:

Blazing Sourcestone Rune (Steam): Fire touches your weapon, causing it to burst into flame (+10 Fire Resist)
Crystalline Sourcestone Rune (Amazon): Earth touches you weapon, encasing it in crystal (+10 Earth Resist)Frozen Sourcestone Rune (Best Buy): Water touches your weapon, encasing it in frost (+10 Water Resist)
Pulsing Sourcestone Rune (Direct2Drive): Life touches your weapon, causing it to pulse with life energy (+10 Life Resist)
Shrouded Sourcestone Rune (Trion direct and all other 3rd party digital retailers): Death touches your weapon, shrouding it in darkness (+10 Death Resist)
Swirling Sourcestone Rune (GameStop): Air touches your weapon, wreathing it in lightning (+10 Air Resist)

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