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Humble Indie Bundle 2 reaches $1 milllion mark; games can be redeemed on Steam

The second round of the Humble Indie Bundle has continued to generate an incredible amount of revenues for a "pay what you want" model. On Saturday evening the revenues breached the $1 million mark as gamers continue to donate what they can for five indie games along with two charities and the Humble Bundle organizers themselves.

Another new development is that the games can now be redeemed by Humble Indie Bundle owners via two download services: Steam and the newer service Desura. Two of the games have yet to show up on Steam (Cortex Command and Revenge of the Titans) but they will be made available to Humble Indie Bundle buyers when they launch on Steam. There are still two more days for the Humble Indie Bundle; it's scheduled to end on Tuesday, December 21 at 4 pm Eastern time.

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