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"Titan" is the code name for Blizzard's next MMO

A few weeks ago a "leaked" document hit the internet that is supposed to be Blizzard's future game release plans. While other web sites ran with this story we chose not to since Blizzard would not confirm this document to be for real and the source of the document was unknown. Now it looks like at least one part of the info contained in the leak was correct.

That part was the mention of "Titan" which Blizzard's Senior VP Frank Pearce admitted in a video interview with Destructoid was the name of Blizzard's next MMO project. It's likely that Titan is a code name rather than the game's actual title but that's still one more thing that's actually confirmed about this still mysterious project. About the only other things we know about the game is that it's not a sequel to World of Warcraft and it won't even be officially announced until at least 2012.


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