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OnLive now has a patent on cloud-based streaming PC game tech

The OnLive streaming PC game service was the first out of the game when it officially launched last June, letting PCs, Macs and more recently televisions stream and play even graphically high end PC games with relatively small hardware requirements. Now VentureBeat reports that OnLive has officially secured a patent on the technology behind its cloud-based streaming PC game service.

U.S. patent No. 7,849,491, which was first filed by OnLive CEO Steve Perlman back in 2002, was officially granted just last week. That could mean that any other rival streaming game service, which includes Dave Perry's Gaikai, could be sued by OnLive for violation of its technology. The article, however, states that Perlman would more likely try to reach some sort of agreement with any other stream-based rival.

Speaking of Gaikai, the last word we had about that service was that it was scheduled to go live, well, tomorrow. However Perry did say at the time that he wasn't making any promises on whether he would stick to that date.

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