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Rumor: Planetside reboot to be revealed in March?

Over a year ago there were some hints that Sony Online might be attempting to do a reboot of its sci-fi first person shooter MMO Planetside. Now The Escapist has some quotes from Sony Online's head man John Smedley that on the surface seem to all but officially confirm such plans.

According to the article Smedley said the developer has a big game launch that will happen sometime in March, adding, "It's a big first person shooter franchise that we're really happy with." When asked if it was related to Planetside, Smedley stated, "Could be. We haven't technically announced it." He also admitted that he was perhaps speaking out of turn, saying that the company's "PR people are going to shoot me." The revival has been called Planetside Next in some reports but Smedley said that was just a working title. Whatever the title turns out to be Smedley seems to be excited about it, declaring it to be "the coolest god-damned game." Works for us.


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