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Deus Ex: Game of the Year just 99 cents today only at Games For Windows Marketplace

Microsoft is up to some more price cut tricks today on its Games For Windows Marketplace web site. A couple of weekends ago it offered up Age of Empires III for just 10 cents for one day. Today it has cut the price of yet another game pretty drastically.

That game is Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition. If you have yet to play what is truly one of the greatest games of all time you can now purchase and download the full version of Ion Storm's 2000 cyberpunk RPG for just 99 cents. The price lasts until 1 am Eastern time tonight. At the very least it will prepare you for the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in 2011.

In related news Games For Windows Marketplace also has World of Goo on sale for just $4.99. That price will last for the next week,


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