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Fallen Empire: Legions to be revived as Legions: Overdrive

Last month, Hi-Rez Studios bought the rights to the Tribes series of games from InstantAction.com just before the latter company shut its doors. Now comes word that another game owned and operated by InstantAction.com could be getting a new life as well.

It's Fallen Empire: Legions, the "spiritual successor" to Tribes that was released by InstantAction.com's first incarnation as a free-to-play browser-based multiplayer shooter. A group of the game's loyal community members reached an agreement with InstantAction.com to obtain the source code for the game. The team plans to re-release the title as a stand alone game (no browser needed) under the new name of Legions: Overdrive. The team is already signing up people to beta test the game but there's no word yet on when the game will get its re-launch.

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