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Elemental sees sales increase after rocky launch

Elemental: War of Magic had a admittedly rocky release when it shipped out in late August. The highly anticipated Stardock developed fantasy turn-based strategy game was released with a number of major bugs and other issues.Since its release Stardock has issued several patches to the game including the most recent 1.1 beta patch. However the lower than expected sales of the game caused Stardock to lay off a number of workers.

However it's possible that things are looking better for Elemental's future. According to what Stardock's PR head told Big Download this week, the sales for Elemental have gone up 30 percent in October compared to sales of the game in September (specific unit sales numbers were not revealed to us). The PR head also told us that retail stores have increased their shipment orders of the game. Stardock has already pledged that it will continue to support Elemental with more patches and expansion packs for the rest of the year and well into 2011.


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