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Kinect open-source PC drivers not example of hacking, says Microsoft

Kinect has become a massive DIY project for open-source driver creators as many of them have succeeded in making Microsoft's Xbox 360 motion-based camera-controller work on the PC. For a while it looked like Microsoft might not like these kinds of projects but now it looks like the company has toned down the legal threats.

In a chat with National Public Radio's Science Friday program Microsoft reps stated that making open source drivers for the Kinect does not constitute "hacking" the Kinect and in fact the company made the device's USB port open for such projects. Uh huh. We are not sure if that's entirely true or just a way to make a nice PR spin as more open-source drivers are released. Our question: where are the drivers for playing StarCraft II with Kinect? Get to work, third-party software community!

[Via Engadget]

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