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Super Meat Boy's latest PC exclusive character officially revealed

For a game where the object is to control a living sentient piece of raw meat, Super Meat Boy has been generating a ton of praise from both gamers and fans. The platform action game from the two man team of Team Meat (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes) has been among the best reviewed games of 2010 since it was released on the Xbox 360 console's Xbox Live Arcade service on October 20.

But PC owners will be the ones that may be getting the definitive edition of Super Meat Boy. The PC port is currently due out at the end of November (via both Steam and Direct2Drive) and the game will be getting some extras that the Xbox 360 port won't have. That includes six exclusive playable characters that are based on great indie PC games. Team Meat has already revealed two of the characters ("Mr Minecraft" inspired by the best selling sandbox game Minecraft and Captain Viridian from another unique platform action game VVVVVV). Today Big Download has the exclusive official reveal of the third PC character in Super Meat Boy and its the one that's in silhouette with the question mark above this post. Can you guess who it is? You can check out the reveal ...(Seacrest's voice) after the jump:
Some of you may have guessed it already but for the rest of you, yes that is indeed the robot lead character from Machinarium, the terrific point-and-click adventure game from developer Amanita Design that was first released in October 2009. According to what Team Meat told us, they picked the character because they really wanted a robot in the mix. In Super Meat Boy you can control the robot to spin around and around in the air. This can both slow his descent and can also give him a boost jump when needed.

We spend some time chatting with McMillen and Refenes about the upcoming PC version and its clear that both men feel that the PC port is the "Director's Cut" version of the game with things that they were unable to put into the Xbox 360 port. One of those things was how the two versions handle achievements. The Xbox 360 has some hard and fast rules on not just the number of achievements in a game but also where they should be placed. The Steam achievements for the PC port have no such limitations and Team Meat loaded it up with 33 of them. The achievements themselves are also true achievements for players to reach for instead of simple ones like completing the first chapter or completing the game.

While it won't be available when the PC port is released on Steam and Direct2Drive, Team Meat does plan on releasing a level editor for Super Meat Boy separately sometime in December. Not only that but the team will be establishing an online portal where level creators can upload and share their new creations with others and have them ranked by players. Team Meat also plans to take the best of the PC level creations and have them be added as extra downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version, which for a number of reasons won't have a level editor.

A retail box copy release of the PC version of Super Meat Boy is also something that Team Meat has talked about for the future and a CD-ROM Collector's edition of the PC game is also a possibility. This CD-Rom would be sold via mail order and the Super Meat Boy web site and would have tons of behind-the-scenes content (videos, artwork and other surprises) for fans. Both Mac and Linux ports for the game are also due for release sometime in the future. A PC demo might be released for the game but it depends if there is a demand for such a demo.

Overall both McMillen and Refenes were very enthusiastic over the reception the Xbox 360 version of the game has received from both critics and gamers. While they cannot reveal sales numbers for the Xbox 360 port it's clear that they have exceeded the expectations of both the development team as well as Microsoft. The PC port should be taking pre-orders soon on Steam and as they did with the Xbox 360 version there will be a 33 percent discount for Super Meat Boy's price for the PC when it launches. And of course there's still three more PC exclusive characters that have yet to be officially revealed. And finally Team Meat said that the Steam version will have something extra as well although they would not go into details yet.

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