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Call of Duty Black Ops has another hidden game mode (Spoilers)

Call of Duty Black Ops already has one unlockable zombie game mode announced but there's actually another hidden gameplay mode that's been discovered in Treyarch's upcoming shooter. What is it? Well if you want to find out you will have to head after the jump where you will get both the reveal and a video on how to access the game mode.

Obviously this is a huge spoiler so if you really, really don't want to know how to access and just want to discover this new gameplay mode cold and on your own, don't read beyond the jump on this news post.

[Via PC Gamer]
Everyone here that wants to be here? Good. So the hidden gameplay mode is found by actually breaking out of the game's menu screen and moving to a computer console. You then hack into the computer to bring up the hidden gameplay mode which is (drum roll) an all new arcade game called Dead Ops Arcade.

The top down shooter has you battling (what else) zombies with lots of weapons and power up. You can check out the YouTube video below to find out how to access it. It's from the Xbox 360 port but we are assuming the PC version has the same set-up.


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