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StarCraft II has over 65,000 user-made maps and mods uploaded on Battle.net

StarCraft II was just about the launch of a new sci-fi RTS game from Blizzard. It was also about the launch of the new version of Battle.net and the use of the game's map and mod tools. Ever since the game was released last July there have been tons of new maps and mods made for the game by its fans and uploaded to Battle.net for others to play.

How many new maps and mods are we talking about. During Activision Blizzard's financial conference call today, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime stated that over 65,000 maps and mods for StarCraft II have been uploaded to Battle.net just from North America. Blizzard announced last month at BlizzCon plans to release a number of its own StarCraft II maps and modes over the next several months. Morhaime also spoke briefly about plans to launch the Markeplace feature on Battle.net where players will be able to sell their maps and mods for the game. There's still no word on when this feature will launch.


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