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Poker Night At The Inventory to unlock special in-game Team Fortress 2 items

Telltale Games' quirky crossover game Pokter Night At The Inventory won't be just for casual game players. The upcoming poker title that features characters from four different game and game-related universes will also allow players to gain special in-game items for Valve's multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2.

Just pre-ordering the game will get the player a poker visor for TF2 that can be worn by The Heavy. In addition playing the game itself will unlock other special items for other Team Fortress 2 characters including a timepiece from Tycho (Penny Arcade), the luger from Max (Sam and Max), and shutter shades from Strong Bad (Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People). You can check out a trailer that shows off all the items and a little of the game itself after the jump.

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