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New James Bond 007 Blood Stone video gives us the classic Bond

When developer Bizarre Creations got the call to make James Bond 007 Blood Stone from its owner-publisher Activision it wanted to make the game have all of the aspects of a classic James Bond movie. In this newest behind-the-scenes video the team at Bizarre Creations talks about those aspects of the game.

They include having tons of exotic locales like Siberia, Greece, Bangkok and more. They also talk about Bond being able to drive the class Aston Martin DB5 "with modifications" car that was first introduced in the movie Goldfinger. There's also a brief chat with singer Joss Stone who lends her voice to one of the characters in the game and sings the game's theme song. The title is due out for the PC later this week.

Download the James Bond 007 Blood Stone "Classic Bond" Trailer at Big Download


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