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G4 could be off the air for DirecTV subscribers on Monday

A cable TV network with big ties to the game industry could find itself without a large chuck of its total audience when Monday rolls in. On G4s Attack of the Show broadcast on Thursday host Keven Pereira stated that the DirecTV satellite TV service was planning to remove G4 from its channel line up and it could happen as early as Monday, November 1.

Pereira claimed G4 offered the same deal this year to DirecTV to keep the channel on the company's line up as it has for the past three years. However he said that DirecTV rejected the offer, claiming, "They don't see the value of G4." A 1-888 number flashed on the screen for DirecTV subscribers to vote their support for keeping G4 on DirectTV's line up. You can check out Pereira's full statement after the jump:

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