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Duke Nukem Forever demo early access code available now for Borderlands owners

This week Borderlands Game Of The Year Edition shipped to stores and gamers will be able to get a code included in the retail package that will let them gain early access to, among other things, the upcoming demo for Duke Nukem Forever, As it turns out, you will also be able to get access to that demo if you already own Borderlands.

Big Download can confirm that purchasing Gearbox Software's FPS-RPG hybrid via Steam nets the user a code for the Duke Nukem Forever First Access Club web site. That code opens up the site which at the moment just has a couple of wallpaper images (you can see one of them above). However it will also give those players access to the demo for the long awaited shooter game. So it seems if you just purchase Borderlands via Steam for $19.99 you will get the same Duke Nukem Forever demo access code at the same time as those folks who purchase the Game of the Year edition.


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